How much will my trip cost?

Here at Charter Bus Service, we don't have "fine print" in our quotes. What we quote you is what you pay. There are absolutely no hidden charges in addition to the quoted price. You do NOT have to pay additional sales tax, administrative fees, surcharges, etc. However, Please note that quoted prices may be void due to fluctuations in fuel costs. So it is in your best interest to act quickly and reserve your trip as soon as possible.

To recieve an estimate for your trip price, you may get in touch with us through one several ways.

One of the most popular ways is to fill out an online form. We usually respond within a few hours.

Alternatively, you may also obtain a quote over the phone. We can both recieve and send inquiries and replies over fax. When faxing us for a quote, please include the number of passangers, point of departure, destination, and the duration of the trip.

Our phone number: (314)-535-6002
Fax number: (314)-535-3325

Please Note:
Your booking is NOT complete until a deposit has been submitted. You have the option of doing this via a completely automated process online, over the phone phone, in person, or by sending us payment through regular mail.