Our History

Prior to 2006, this establishment was operated by Jim Wright and his family under the name 'Jim Wright and Son Co.'. For several decades, Jim Wright worked with his sons in accommodating his community's charter needs. Initial assignments included church-sponsored trips to local destinations, local business outings, and weddings/engagements. As demand for charter increased, the family business began offering its services to schools, private parties, political groups, and even operated bus tours. The family decided to acquire more luxury coaches to meet increased charter demands. Most busses were bought brand new, and some were bought used from companies such as Greyhound. Later, a large garage was acquired to safely house the luxury coaches in event of strenuous weather conditions such as hail.

To complement their expertise in motor coaches, the family began both repairing and selling used vehicles. This led to the creation of an extremely useful repair shop. A fortune was spent on hydraulic lifts and repair tools for small cars and luxury coaches. Having a repair shop in his garage was a unique and fortunate prospect for Jim Wright. This allowed him to repair, service, and maintain his coaches in short time and thus minimizing delays for his customers.

Unfortunately, Jim Wright passed away on May 29th, 2007. He left the fleet in the hands of his sons and a very close and trusted friend Saleh Malik. The establishment was renamed 'Charter Bus Service' and now operates from a four acre facility that houses a large garage, an extensive parking area, a repair shop for both vehicles and motor coaches, and on-site fuel storage that complies with all state and federal regulations.

Mr. Malik is a retired engineer who emphasizes proper function of machinery without ignoring cosmetics. On most days, you can observe him in his working clothes changing oil, performing routine maintenance and repairs in the workshop. His work ethic and philosophy have produced impressive results. Since he began managing this business, passenger safety has never been compromised.

We are located only a few minutes from downtown St. Louis, Missouri. Our fleet features luxury coaches including the popular Renaissance, J4500, and DL102 coaches. We specialize in providing transportation for interstate, intrastate, and even domestic school/college events.